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  • Seraph weapons and armor set pieces.
  • Loot from the Legendary Lost Sectors.
  • Lots of Encrypted and common Warmind bits.
  • Seraph Bunkers upgrades.
  • Random amount of non-specific Exotic, Legendary and Rare loot
  • Random amount of experience for Season Pass progression

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    The Red Legion does not know the meaning of the word "defeat". After our glorious victory in the Red War, who would have ever thought that they would launch a kamikaze attack in desperation? Now that their now-defunct superweapon Almighty is on its collision course with the Earth, Warmind is the only thing that can stop them. Also, there is a new Triumphs Seal to obtain! Not interested in saving humanity from extinction? Maybe this fresh time-limited Title sounds interesting!

    What can Guardians do to help? Well, the whole situation awoke the Seraph bunkers all across the Solar System. To clarify, they form a defense system of some sort that can blow up the colossal ship before it collides with our planet. Now that these formerly buried beneath the ground warheads are open, we have to grind the hell out of them by donating Warmind Bits. Those materials can be earned from doing daily and weekly Rasputin bounties, completing activities and beating the Seraph Tower Public Event. So, let's see what we have to do to earn the newest Seal.

    Mostly, just keep clearing the Legendary Lost Sectors. You have to complete them all - on the Moon, on Io, on EDZ. Then all available Sectors in a day (there are only three out of nine total in daily rotation). There is a triumph for running one of them Flawless (without deaths) even! Unfortunately, while it seems that all of them can be completed in a mere 3 days, there is one triumph called Full-stack Warmind Security that requires a lot of time. You have to fully upgrade all Seraph Bunkers, which means farming lots and lots Warmind bits. While it might be frustrating to some, our carries have found ways to make it simple and fast!

    Don't want to spend Your precious time on the Seal? Let us do it instead! We will finish it and get the Title for You in no time at all! Enjoy Your new gear and acquire all that Season 10 has to offer right now by ordering this service! Be the best with our squad!


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  • Must have unlocked Seraph bunkers and Legendary Lost Sectors.
  • 970+ Power score.

How it works?

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