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  • Exile's armor set pieces and weapons, Trials-related materials.
  • Flawless Triumphs Seal completion.
  • Random amount of non-specific Exotic, Legendary and Rare loot
  • Random amount of experience for Season Pass progression

How it works?

  • Once You place an order, You will receive an order link via e-mail that contains a direct chat with Your booster.
  • Through the direct chat, Your booster will update You during the boost process.
  • We will provide a stream for You or screenshots throughout the process if needed.
  • Our support staff will be available 24/7 to help You with anything You need.
  • Once Your order is done, we will notify You via e-mail and direct chat.


    With the comeback of the Trials of Osiris, arrived a corresponding Triumphs Seal for Guardians to complete. The Title that comes with the Seal, called Flawless, suits the theme perfectly.

    How do You obtain said Title? As expected from a Crucible achievement, it is not easy to get. There are only 5 triumphs, but all of them are hardcore. Let us take a look at what the requirements for their completion are. Guardian of the Lighthouse requires You to win ten matches on a ticket after reaching seven wins in the current season. Nothing hard, as long as You finished the Trials at least once. The most time-consuming one is probably getting the full Exile/Exalted armor set and weapons (11 items in total) from the Trials Badge in Collection menu.

    Now comes the tricky part. This is The Way triumph requires You to complete Flawless Passages on four different maps during the Season of the Worthy. The map changes every week, but it still means that You have to go Flawless 4 times on different weeks. Now, You probably might know that Trials Passages are making their way back to Destiny too. One of them, named Passage of Confidence, rewards You with a second chest after you go Flawless. The problem is, while other Passages give You a free win or protection from the first defeat on the card, this one does not grant You any benefits. At all. As you already guessed, the triumph Confidence is High, requires You to accomplish a Flawless run while using said Passage. Now for the Safe Harbor triumph, the most challenging one. For this, You have to go Flawless first, and then become a Flawless Trials sherpa for a person who has never reached the Lighthouse. The run must be a success, otherwise You won't get the achievement. In other words, become a carry for Your squad. A feat for the best of the best, indeed. Only the sweatiest PvP contestants will be wearing the Flawless Title.

    That is where our carry and recovery service comes in. Does all this stuff sound extremely difficult? Or maybe You value Your time enough for not to try getting this Seal? In both cases, our professional hard carries can do the task for You! Our best PvP beasts land in TOP-500, according to Destiny Tracker, and You can be sure that You will have a Flawless experience, just like the Trials card You'll get!

    Be one of the few who own this Title right now by ordering this service! Save Your time with Top Boosting!


  • Please, read the requirements for corresponding triumphs before ordering, Contact the support if You want to make a custom order.
  • If You already have any progress regarding a service you want to order, contact our support staff beforehand, so we can give You a fair discount.
  • Must have completed Flawless Trials of Osiris run at least once this week prior to ordering Safe Harbor triumph.
  • If You want to customize your order, feel free to ask our support staff for any information.
  • Trials of Osiris are available each Friday 10am to Tuesday 10am. (Pacific Standard Time)
  • If You want to use Passage of Confidence, you must have completed Flawless Trials run at least once this week.


  • Must have an acсess to Trials of Osiris.
  • 960+ Power score.
  • Must have completed the Trials of Osiris at least once this week prior to ordering Safe Harbor and Guardian of the Lighthouse triumphs

How it works?

  • Once an order is placed, you will be redirected into order chat with our pro-carry.
  • Additionally, a link containing order chat with a pro-carry will be sent to your e-mail.
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  • Through the order chat, pro-carry will update you during the process.
  • Our support staff will also be available 24/7 through the live-chat to help with anything you need.
  • As soon as the order is completed, you will be notified via e-mail, order chat and live-chat.