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  • Large Power score boost via Pinnacle gear.
  • Garden of Salvation raid-exclusive armor set pieces, armor mods and weapons.
  • One random Dreambane armor set Masterworked piece.
  • Random amount of Dreambane armor set pieces, Nightmare armor mods, and Lunar weapons.
  • Random amount of Phantasmal Fragments, Phantasmal Cores, and Nightmare Essences.
  • Random amount of Enhancement Prisms, Enhancement Cores and Ascendant Shards.
  • Random amount of Vanguard tokens, armor set pieces, enhanced armor mods and weapons.
  • Random amount of non-specific Exotic, Legendary and Rare loot.
  • Random amount of experience for Season Pass progression.

How it works?

  • Once You place an order, You will receive an order link via e-mail that contains a direct chat with Your booster.
  • Through the direct chat, Your booster will update You during the boost process.
  • We will provide a stream for You or screenshots throughout the process if needed.
  • Our support staff will be available 24/7 to help You with anything You need.
  • Once Your order is done, we will notify You via e-mail and direct chat.


  • If You want to customize your order, feel free to ask our support staff for any information.
  • This service includes:
  • Garden of Salvation raid run with secret chests and weekly challenge.
  • Nightfall: The Ordeal run with 100.000 points challenge.
  • Nightmare Hunt run on Master difficulty.
  • Pit of Heresy dungeon run.

  • Requirements

    • Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.
    • 990+ Power score.

How it works?

  • Once an order is placed, you will be redirected into order chat with our pro-carry.
  • Additionally, a link containing order chat with a pro-carry will be sent to your e-mail.
  • Login and password provided on checkout will be used to sign in your account.
  • Through the order chat, pro-carry will update you during the process.
  • Our support staff will also be available 24/7 through the live-chat to help with anything you need.
  • As soon as the order is completed, you will be notified via e-mail, order chat and live-chat.