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  • Raid-exclusive armor set pieces, weapons, shaders and Emperor Calus's tokens.
  • Spire Star emblem for Your first raid run on Normal difficulty.
  • On Your Way Up triumph for Your first raid completion on Normal mode.
  • Chance to get Sleeper Simulant Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle catalyst on Prestige.
  • Chance to get Luxurious Toast Exotic emote on Prestige difficulty.
  • Raid-exclusive armor ornaments on Prestige difficulty.
  • Atop the Spire emblem for the first raid run on Prestige difficulty.
  • A Superior Retainer triumph for the first raid completion on Prestige mode.
  • A rare chance to get Contender's Shell Exotic Ghost Shell.
  • Random amount of non-specific Exotic, Legendary and Rare loot.
  • Random amount of experience for Season Pass progression.

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    Spire of Stars is a raid lair (a raid that shares a theme and takes place within the location of an already existing one) introduced way back in Year One. The objective is to repel Val Ca'uor's new de facto leader of the Red Legion invasion on Emperor Calus's sacred vessel. It is yet the hardest of them all and requires a pre-made squad to finish - otherwise, you will be stuck here for a very, and we mean VERY long time dealing with those Cabal invaders.

    Spire of Stars doesn't share the same gear with its "big brother" Leviathan; instead, it offers entirely new weapons, emblems, shaders, and raid-exclusive armor sets for each class. There is also a chance to get a Luxurious Toast Exotic Emote to express your affiliation with Calus's royal status and a chance of getting a catalyst for Sleeper Simulant Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle to strengthen your arsenal. Paint your gear gold and shiny with all those new shaders now by ordering this service!


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