The Fourth Horseman




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  • The Fourth Horseman Exotic Shotgun.
  • Progress in various Season of the Worthy triumphs.
  • Random amount of non-specific Exotic, Legendary and Rare loot.
  • Random amount of experience for Season Pass progression.

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    The 4th Horseman is a long-forgotten Shotgun straight from D1. Now it is back in D2 with the Season of the Worthy/Season 10! Its Intrinsic perk Thunderer makes this automatic beast hold its ground in the current meta. So how do You get it?

    To start on Your journey, Enter the Vault in a "top-secret" Zavala office. It is actually just below Lord Shaxx's place and doesn't seem hidden at all. Get through a jump-puzzle and You're ready for the second part. By the way, while You're there, don't miss out on a hilarious mixtape with some dance music and Shaxx's lines! The next step, On the Hunt, is straightforward - collect Red Legion intel from killing Cabal or completing Public Events on Mars. Once over it, the quest step In the Shadows requires You to kill some more Cabal, Psions specifically and loot associated chests. After that, exactly the same chores, but now on EDZ. Finally, once You've done with all the dirty work, the last part, Lost and Found, is the only one that doesn't include farming anything, instead, You must complete the Legendary Lost Sector Quarry on Earth. Now You get the weapon.

    Is it of any worth? Absolutely. An auto-Shotgun with a perk Broadside that boosts damage with each successful shot fired? That's perfect for every Guardian both for PvE and PvP, including Trials of Osiris! Do You have to spend precious time to get this baby? Not exactly. If You think like the idea of grinding is boring - choose our paid carries instead! We will recover it in no time at all!

    Start valuing Your time right now by ordering this service! Have a Flawless experience and be the best with our team by Your side!


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  • Destiny 2: Season Pass.
  • 960+ Power score.

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